Jeda Yoga Retreats Offers Well-Appointed Yoga Studio For Yoga Retreats Only


Bali is no doubt a paradise for yogis. It entices yogis worldwide and you will find tons of great yoga studios, workshops and trainings. Add to this the spirituality of the island, the beautiful landscapes, the tropical climate and the always-smiling Balinese and you have the perfect place for a yoga retreat. There are many yoga studios across the island and Jeda Yoga Retreats is one of them that offer luxury yoga retreats in Bali.

Located in the stunning island of Bali in Indonesia, lies our well-appointed yoga studio that is dedicated to reinforce your inner beauty & outer self by practicing yoga with a view that immediately puts you at ease. We offer the very first yoga studio in the incredible environ of Pemuteran, North West Bali devoted to Bali yoga retreats only. We are proud to bring a great chance for yoga studios all over the world to book their own yoga retreat at a place that is so calm and accommodating in nature. Whether you are looking to host a luxury yoga retreat or a hot yoga retreat, we make sure our studio come good with any of your needs. From Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power, and Pranayama, to Restorative, Iyengar, Yin and Anusara our studio can accommodate any type of yoga session.

Listen to the sweet sounding birds, the trickling waters of the holy river below, and be absorbed in the breath-taking views of our jungle location- as life at our Bali yoga retreat center transforms your life. We have 3 villas available exclusively for different yoga practices.

The sceneic backdrop of Pemuteran range is a real delight for the nature lovers. Most importantly it offers both the students and teachers the peace of mind that is needed to learn and educate yoga. Our aim is to make your yoga retreats in Bali a refreshing and memorable experience.

Jeda Yoga Retreats is a private yoga studio located in the beautiful environment of Pemuteran, North West Bali. This studio is dedicated to Bali yoga retreats only. The Studio is open all year round for all types of yoga retreats, including for hot yoga. For more information about their services and offerings, feel free to visit

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How to Find The Perfect Yoga Retreat Centre In Bali?

For some people, yoga is more than just a fitness routine, because for a lot of the yoga community it has helped them improve their overall wellbeing. It’s hardly surprising as yoga is, in a sense, a system of belief – a belief that you can always create a better version of yourself.

Yoga retreats centers in Bali these days are in abundance and if you have been in yoga practice for long, then you must take a break. If you have already made that decision and are searching for a Bali yoga retreat center, then you got to go through this post very carefully as it will enlighten you about some things you need to do in order to find top yoga retreat that will make sure that your free time is consumed nicely.

Your first homework is researching every possible thing about yoga if you want to get into a center providing top yoga retreat in Bali. You must go through every book related to yoga in a public library and check out all the websites, forums and discussion pages related to yoga retreats as doing that will help you immensely in picking the most appropriate retreat center. Dig up as many files as possible from the yogic authorities in your area so that you can know which centers were preferred the most by the yoga practitioners. This will give you a fairer idea about the direction in which you need to set your foot.

If you want a top yoga facility, then it is important that you find out the measures they have taken to provide the yoga practitioners a state of bliss. After practicing yoga for a long period of time, a person desires for a completely serene atmosphere and for that, it is crucial that you do not get yourself in a facility where people keep on rushing in about. Facilities that are calm and provide you sufficient space are considered to be very helpful.

In order for you to find the top yoga center, you got to find out where they can provide you with outdoor activities so that you can enjoy and freshen up your mood. Those activities must be tiring and moreover they should teach you some of the most important lessons in life so that your time can be consumed beautifully.

For Luxury yoga retreats in Bali you can depend on Jeda Yoga Retreat which offers special packages on different yoga retreats.

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Looking to Buy A Yoga Retreat Package In Bali? 5 Things To Keep In Mind

So, you’re an active yoga practitioner but you wish to escape from your regular yoga practice for some time? If yes, then the best way to do so is by joining one of the professional yoga retreats in Bali.

Bali yoga retreats are quite popular these days and majority of the yoga practitioners are just getting involved it to experience something new in their life. Yoga retreats certainly can revitalize your soul & make you feel stress-free as you find a chance to get away from your tedious routine for a while. Above all, yoga retreats provide you all sorts of activities that you used to miss when you were practicing regular yoga at your home. However, if you decided to attend a yoga retreat in Bali, it’s really essential that you pick your retreat package smartly; otherwise you mightn’t be able to relish your spare time to the fullest.

Below listed are some crucial factors that you might want to take into account if you’re going to choose a package for your yoga retreat destination.

  • For beginners, it’s really essential that you ensure that your Bali yoga retreat is supervised by an expert in the respective field so that he or she can provide you all sorts of amenities alongside assuring that you stay attached to the people and nature around you.
  • The location that you select for your yoga retreat must be pretty serene so that you don’t feel any kind of commotions or disturbances. In that sense, the islands in Bali are perfect for a yoga retreat as they provide you a blissful atmosphere where you can do everything you wish without any outer world tension.
  • Since you’re an active practitioner of yoga, whatever you eat matters and therefore you need to ensure that the food your retreat organization offers you is organic and healthy. It’ll keep your digestion system all right.
  • Apart from the tranquil ambiance H healthy food stuff, it’s also responsibility to check out if your retreat package includes any extracurricular activities or not, for instance, competitive games, hiking, etc. These activities will aid you rejuvenate your mood by extracting all the stresses from your mind.
  • Prior to you contact a yoga retreat service, you can surf the web to find out everything that you can regarding yoga packages so that you can ignore being tricked by the organizations.

So these were some things that you require to consider prior you make it your final decision to go on a yoga retreat in Bali. By keeping these points in mind, no doubt you will enjoy your time to the fullest.

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Let a yoga retreat take away your holiday woes

After a long stressful working year, the last thing you can do is to forego the end of year holiday. It may be your only route to a happy ending after a stressful long year. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to ward off the stressful effects of a year. The choice of the holiday activity will play a huge role in determining the final outcome of your holiday. A yoga retreat is a perfect way to treat yourself to a soothing and mind calming holiday session. If you are wondering why this is an excellent way to enjoy a holiday, consider the following information.

Fully furnished villas

Enjoy the comfort of furniture products in fully furnished villas. There are many furniture products that you can find in most fully furnished villas ranging from ultramodern beds to lamps. Further, the villas feature unpretentious décor and alluring elegance. This is owed to the incorporation of modern interior design ideas. These are villas you definitely want to reside in during any holiday. They also come with hot showers, great outdoor surroundings and wonderful scenes. These are the accommodation facilities which take yoga retreats to a whole new level.


A chance to experience the soothing side of nature

The location of the yoga retreats accounts for their attractive and captivating attributes. Not only will you be enjoying yoga activities, but you will also be enjoying the soothing nature of the weather pattern. Immerse yourself in the weather, the mind capturing surroundings, the fresh air and the beautiful outdoor scenes. There is nothing more you can ask for than spending a full year in the beautiful gardens of the yoga retreat facilities.

Highly trained yoga teachers are available

Getting the full benefits of yoga requires training. Irrespective of how long your training sessions may be, you cannot achieve excellent results if you do not acquire proper yoga training. Fortunately, the tantalizing yoga sessions that are enjoyed during yoga retreats are coupled with Yin Yoga Teacher Training Balisessions for beginners. This is what will eventually help you to achieve excellent results in your yoga sessions throughout the course of the holiday.

A holiday you will live to remember

When going for any holiday, the last thing you want is to go back home no wanting to remember the holiday. You will have wasted your money and time. In order to have a wonderful holiday worth calling to mind, you can do well to go for yoga retreats. You will definitely live to remember the holiday. There are just so many great things to do and enjoy which will be fresh on your mind for a taste of time.

Enjoy amazing yoga activities presented by highly trained yoga teachers. There are guidelines for all yoga students irrespective of levels. On top of all that, enjoy a soothing weather pattern which is the epitome of magnificent weather. There is just no end to intrigue, fun, enjoyment and ultimate body restoration when you visit the Jeda villa yoga retreats.

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Hot Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss

You have possibly heard of people discussing about it in your office, in the coffee shop and in the subway. That it truly works. That it help them drop a few pounds. Yes, Bikram yoga is hot. It may look everyone else has tried except you.

But before you get into it, it’s essential to be more familiar with it. Because when people say Bikram is a hot yoga, they don’t just mean it is well liked & in trend. They also mean it factually. A session in Bikram yoga signifies contact to elevated temperatures of 105 degrees and approximately 40 percent humidity for ninety minutes. It’ll make one sweat in buckets.

Is it all about sweating?

Now there is a little chaos enclosing the sweating part. Some state sweating alone doesn’t make one lose pounds. Or it does but only for a short term. As soon as you consume fluids to rehydrate yourself, you regain all the shaded pounds you lost just.

Yes, excessive weight isn’t something one can simply sweat off with no appropriate physical effort. At the same time, sweating isn’t the mere reason for weight loss when you perform Bikram Yoga. It’s just a part of the reason.


The Bikram “Glow”:

Bikram involves twenty six postures and two breathing workouts, which as you execute within the heated room, offer you a complete body exercise. Your heart rate boosts, your muscles warmed & flexed, get stronger with continuous practice and ultimately burn fat more effortlessly.

Bikram yoga practitioners have toned, lean bodies yet they don’t appear old. They don’t lose their skin’s glow, which’s what usually occurs when you drop a few pounds.

The Bikram “glow” is mental in nature. The excessive sweating concerned in the sessions detoxifies harmful toxins from your body and enhances your blood flow, both of which in result boost your metabolism. Your resistant system is reinforced due to the outcome of the cells whose responsibility is to fight contaminations is amplified.

Attuned Bodies & Minds:

As an end result, your whole body unit will work in better harmony. It’s not uncommon that individuals who perform Bikram yoga don’t experience constipation any more. They sleep better. Their hungers are controlled; all those desires for unhealthy foods disappear. They genuinely enjoy a better feeling.

Yes, Bikram yoga could be demanding because you’ve to survive the heat. But at the same time you also need to comprehend that those who do should have developed excellent endurance & will power.

Are you looking for one of the finest luxury yoga retreats in Bali? Let Jeda Yoga Retreat help you meet your needs within their wonderful set up! Call us now to arrange a hot Bikram yoga retreat for you!

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali – A Rewarding Experience

Are you looking for Yin yoga teacher training in Bali? Well, Yin Yoga is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing yoga styles worldwide. There’re a great number of reasons what makes it the most popular yoga style but the most important one is that makes individuals who practice it feel very good about themselves. Since there’re several students who are fascinated to educate Yin Yoga, it certainly has created a massive demand for instructors who can teach students on this style of yoga.


What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is possibly one the most relaxing style of yoga thinkable. Not like the styles of yoga that have been practiced traditionally in the west, Yin Yoga is devoted more towards harmonizing energy than to acquire a work out.

In fact, Yin postures are held for much longer than they are in conventional yoga. A majority of the postures are accomplished on the floor, and they’re held on average for 3-5 minutes. Some postures are even sustained for a shocking 25 minute time span. There are 3 advantages to holding postures for lengthy stretches like:

  • The 1st advantage is the meditative condition that practitioners get to while they’re holding postures for a long time. This soothes the brain and assists to decrease stress levels wonderfully.
  • The 2nd advantage is that it aids the energy levels swing throughout the body. Sustaining a posture for some time offers the energy a superior opportunity of shifting among our body’s chakras.
  • The 3rd, perhaps the greatest advantage of holding postures for several minutes is that it permits the tissues deep within the body to expand. When holding postures for less than 2 minutes, the lone tissues that are affected are the external tissues. With deeper tissues are greatly targeted, it wonderfully enhances the flexibility of our body.

This style of yoga is especially gainful for elder people. As we age, we usually lose a huge volume of suppleness. This is particularly can be noticed in the hip areas. A majority of the postures in Yin Yoga aims at the hips, and part takers will quickly notice an enhancement in their capability to open up their hips.
Training to Educate in Yin Yoga:

Yoga teacher in Bali who wishes to start educating in this style of yoga will require to undertake training with an eligible trainer. Yin Yoga instructor training lasts about fifty hours. 36 of those hours are considered as contact hours in which the learners will work hands-on with the teacher to educate the postures and what to see while instructing them. The rest fourteen hours are usually spent outside of the classroom. In these hours, learners write in papers and reflect over what they’ve learned within the classroom. This aids them to process the info and take in it more quickly.

Any yoga trainers who are seeking a great yoga form to slot into his or her practice will discover Yin Yoga is a great fit. Yin yoga teacher training in Bali is certainly a rewarding experience, and the advantages it provides make it an admired yoga class that learners will jump into.

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Visit Bali for a Peaceful & Soul Touching Yoga Retreat

Envisage yourself discovering a tropical islet, in a far off interesting land, where the concerns of daily life are millions of miles away. Does not just the thought invoke peace in your heart? Can you visualize how incredible you’d feel if you could getaway and live the life of a yogi even though just for a couple of months? Well, this dream can be made into reality!


One of the finest destinations you could add to your list is the serene islet of Bali. The magnificent islet of Bali is enclosed by coral reefs. The beaches in the west and northern part of the islet have black sand and the beaches in the southern side tend to have white sands. The islet has lush green landscape, curative hot springs, stupendous foods and incredible people. Then there’re the incredible yoga retreats in Bali that happen all through the islet year around.

Pemuteran village is a renowned location on the islet of Bali in the North West. This picturesque spot is placed by the northern shoreline and is known for its magnificent landscape. Dolphins are known to swim and play off the shore of this spectacular spot. It is truly a superb spot to practice yoga. There’re also remedial hot springs, incredible hiking routes, beaches and spas. This spot also has the effect of instilling serenity in the soul.

Do you hear the waves of the sea rolling on the beach near your bedroom? Do you feel the coastal wind blowing over your head? Hold that feeling! A Bali yoga retreat will certainly make your dream come true.

For signature Bali yoga retreats contact Jeda Yoga Retreats. We have yoga retreat option both for beginner and advanced students. We also have the best resources for yoga teacher training in Bali.