Are you looking for Yoga retreats in Bali? Discover the finest yoga studios in Bali.

Bali really is the perfect location for the ultimate, soul-soothing, back-bending, maybe even life-changing yoga vacation. Discover the finest yoga studios, retreats and teacher training in Bali, find out more about Balinese culture, upcoming events and be part of the largest yoga and wellness community in Bali with Jeda Yoga retreats. You’ll be able to get your yoga on the view of a meandering river and a bamboo grove, making the retreat experience truly memorable. Bali yoga Retreat is more than a yoga and meditation retreat – it’s a restorative and inspirational sanctuary, to nourish your body and soul and reconnect to your true self. Jeda Yoga Retreats is totally Inspired by spiritual wisdom grounded in ‘green-to-the-extreme’ eco-principles which provides you private villas and studios that you can book for your own yoga getaway—a chance to focus on your practice and meditate without distraction. Whether you like to do yoga by yourself, with an instructor or alongside a group of friends, each of these rentals offers a unique way to improve your yoga skills.


Jeda Yoga retreats locate in Pemuteran, a small fishing village on the northern coast of West Bali offers you an oasis of serenity, a sanctuary for the body, heart and mind and the is incredible views might be hard to ignore. This is a great place to walk or get around by bicycle, a perfect ground to rejuvenate and immerge into the magic of Bali. Pemuteran is the perfect place if you just want to relax, enjoy massages, watch the sunset, do yoga and participate in a temple ceremony. The surroundings invites rising with the song of the birds, taking walks along the beach, visiting the many local temples, watching the waves moving in and experiencing amazing sunsets. Jeda Yoga retreats has created to be a place of happiness where you can chill in a fun, friendly atmosphere, explore the beauty of Bali, enjoy delicious organic food and let your soul soar in the sun.


Jeda Yoga retreats offers you organic fresh and live vegetables, fruits, and herbs picked and prepared with love and care, and without chemicals or commercial fertilizers. Our Balinese and Western chefs share their expertise to bring the best flavors of east and west. We love to welcome you to join one of our yoga-retreats or host one of your own at Jeda Yoga retreats, for reservation visit our website http://www.jedayogaretreats.com


5 Inherent Qualities Of A Good Yoga Teacher

No doubt, a great yoga teacher can have a considerable positive impact on the learners. They can uplift & inspire you, they can assist to relax & rejuvenate, they even can assist us push through the mental obstacle that we did not know we had.

While there’s no quintessential yoga instructor image, there are certainly some attributes that most of the awesome teachers have. Before going for yoga teacher training in Bali, check these qualities out of a good yoga teacher:

They connect with everybody in the class:

A good teacher can attend a yoga class of 50 practitioners just as efficiently as a class of 10 because they have the capability to make everybody feel attached to them in some way.

They have a way with words:

The voice of a yoga teacher is possibly their most influential tool. Being able to assertively lead a group of practitioner in & out of postures employing just words can be demanding enough, but performing it in a smooth & clear way that sustains the glow of the class is a hallmark of a good teacher.

They love & respect yoga:

Yoga works on our mind, body and spirit. The holistic attitude is what makes yoga much more than merely a stretching class and a good instructor can easily discover the balance amid the physical & the esoteric. Their extreme love & honor for this incredible life science can be an authentic spring of inspiration and energy for their learners.

They serve to all levels:

Nowadays, most of the yoga classes in Bali are open level, which signifies there will be a host of capabilities, from fresher to advance. For beginners, yoga can be annoying and it is a true skill for an instructor to make them feel supported & included without negotiating the challenged for the advanced learners.

They let their genuine personality excel through:

Regardless of what we are doing, we do it in an improved way when we operate from a genuine space & a yoga instructor is no exemption. A few well-timed jokes inside the class can certainly relax everybody & bring a good vibe to space but it works better when the instructor feature a natural sense of humor. If an instructor’s real character is more about warmth & compassion and they educate from the bottom of their heart, they also have the capability to develop a truly beautiful & positive yoga class.

At Jeda Yoga Retreats we host Yoga Teachers Training in Bali (TTC) where the partakers can learn but also enjoy relaxing in a gorgeous yoga accommodation in Bali. To know more about our offerings, get in touch with us now!


Stuffs you need before heading to yoga retreats

Heading off to a Yoga retreat may seem straight-forward, yet there’s something else entirely to that than meets the eye. A Yoga retreat can offer a Yoga specialist a loose environment, centre driven learning and a social setting. In the event that you have some money and time to extra, an occasion at a Yoga retreat can do ponders for your prosperity.

The following are a few FAQs about Yoga retreats that will bail you out in your arranging.

By no means, it’s typical that some of you don’t have the foggiest idea about the other. A decent aspect concerning the retreat is that you’ll have the opportunity to work out with other individuals. These individuals would be your best wellspring of data, and be your companions. Additionally, through the yoga retreat you’ll have the capacity to learn new procedures, or more all, have a ton of fun.


Easy, open to apparel would be best. In any case on the off chance that you are voyaging some place new and are unsure about variables like the climate or the nearby traditions, you ought to check with the Yoga retreat coordinator.

Yoga retreats change, some are similar to outdoors, in inns, and others are closer to the resorts. In this way, please ask your retreat coordinator on the things you ought to bring. You may be encouraged to bring some exceptional things like electric lamps, swimsuit, yoga mats, and so forth. Make certain to ask about vital travel permits and visas if voyaging abroad.

Ordinarily, nourishment and convenience are incorporated in a Yoga retreat bundle. The main contrasts between bundles are obviously the nature of the nourishment and the settlement – which are in immediate correspondence to the cost of the bundles. For the most part, you ought to discover staying at a retreat to be a most far reaching knowledge. The most extreme consideration is paid to people and you will never discover your needs unattended to. An illustration is the dietary attention that is intended to have your prosperity at top need.

These are some things you need to take care of while heading for a yoga retreat. Well… If you choose to stay at Jeda Yoga Retreats in Bali, Indonesia, you don’t have to take care of these aforesaid things as Jeda Villa has all conceivable setup to cater requirement at retreats.


Jeda Yoga Retreats Offer the 1st Yoga Studio for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in North West Bali

Placed in the gorgeous surrounding of Pemuteran, North West Bali Jeda Yoga Retreats provide the very 1st Yoga Studio that is devoted to retreats only. They have created a great chance for yoga studios all over the world to host their own yoga retreats in the picturesque island of Bali. The Studio is accessible all through the year for all sorts of yoga retreats including the ancient hot yoga. This “semi open “studio is equipped with magnificent garden views and surrounded by the scenic mountain range of Pemuteran that allows both participants and teachers to relish a superior level of tranquility and comfort inside a private yoga studio.

“For partakers we offer an exclusive opportunity to witness Bali ‘off the beaten path’ and to acknowledge the essence of yoga ecstasy in the natural surroundings of Bali” said a spokesperson of Jeda Yoga Retreats. Participants will also get the chance to reconnect with the nature of Bali in one of the most beautiful location of this island. Our objective is to make your yoga vacation in Bali a refreshing and unforgettable experience and to accomplish that goal we have appointed a team of certified & experienced trainers and healers that are very much recognized for their practices in the field of yoga.

He further said “We hosts Yoga Teachers Training (TTC) that allow the participants to not just learn but also enjoy their yoga classes in one of the most beautiful accommodations in the island. Our certified, experienced and skilled yoga teachers in Bali ensure everything is accomplished in an organized manner. Partakers in the 200 hours yoga teacher training program don’t have to worry regarding logistics as we take care of the whole thing to make sure the participants have a smoother training experience. Besides the 3 primary villas, you can lease 3 additional villas in the neighborhood of Jeda Villa if you have a large number of participants”.

Bali has always been admired for its beautiful surrounding and beaches, not to mention its yoga studios. Jeda Yoga Retreat’s setting in the midst of mountain ranges offer a magnificent outdoor studio to tune your body and mind and back home with some refreshing memories.



Hot Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss

You have possibly heard of people discussing about it in your office, in the coffee shop and in the subway. That it truly works. That it help them drop a few pounds. Yes, Bikram yoga is hot. It may look everyone else has tried except you.

But before you get into it, it’s essential to be more familiar with it. Because when people say Bikram is a hot yoga, they don’t just mean it is well liked & in trend. They also mean it factually. A session in Bikram yoga signifies contact to elevated temperatures of 105 degrees and approximately 40 percent humidity for ninety minutes. It’ll make one sweat in buckets.

Is it all about sweating?

Now there is a little chaos enclosing the sweating part. Some state sweating alone doesn’t make one lose pounds. Or it does but only for a short term. As soon as you consume fluids to rehydrate yourself, you regain all the shaded pounds you lost just.

Yes, excessive weight isn’t something one can simply sweat off with no appropriate physical effort. At the same time, sweating isn’t the mere reason for weight loss when you perform Bikram Yoga. It’s just a part of the reason.


The Bikram “Glow”:

Bikram involves twenty six postures and two breathing workouts, which as you execute within the heated room, offer you a complete body exercise. Your heart rate boosts, your muscles warmed & flexed, get stronger with continuous practice and ultimately burn fat more effortlessly.

Bikram yoga practitioners have toned, lean bodies yet they don’t appear old. They don’t lose their skin’s glow, which’s what usually occurs when you drop a few pounds.

The Bikram “glow” is mental in nature. The excessive sweating concerned in the sessions detoxifies harmful toxins from your body and enhances your blood flow, both of which in result boost your metabolism. Your resistant system is reinforced due to the outcome of the cells whose responsibility is to fight contaminations is amplified.

yoga retraits

yoga retraits

Attuned Bodies & Minds:

As an end result, your whole body unit will work in better harmony. It’s not uncommon that individuals who perform Bikram yoga don’t experience constipation any more. They sleep better. Their hungers are controlled; all those desires for unhealthy foods disappear. They genuinely enjoy a better feeling.

Yes, Bikram yoga could be demanding because you’ve to survive the heat. But at the same time you also need to comprehend that those who do should have developed excellent endurance & will power.

Are you looking for one of the finest luxury yoga retreats in Bali? Let Jeda Yoga Retreat help you meet your needs within their wonderful set up! Call us now to arrange a hot Bikram yoga retreat for you!

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The best yoga retreats you are yet to see

If you are a fun of going for yoga retreats during the course of every summer, no doubt it is your desire to visit the most exotic yoga retreat holiday destination that is available today. But, this is not something simple and straight forward. You have to explore different areas to be in a position to single out the best yoga retreat destination that is available today. If you have been travelling in search of the most tantalising yoga retreat area but you have not found it yet, you can do well to take advantage of the following information. Today, Bali Island features a number of yoga retreat areas that are loved by anyone who has visited them before. There are numerous reasons that can account for this as the passage will highlight.


Amazing sceneries and beautiful surroundings

One thing that will take your breath away is the fact that the islands are amazingly beautiful and feature very beautiful surroundings. If you have been a yoga enthusiast for many years, no doubt you will attest to the fact that engaging in yoga activities requires amazingly beautiful surroundings and sceneries. This is exactly what the island promises all those who may opt to visit it during the course of the summer. The beauty of the surroundings is coupled with mind boggling sceneries such as you have never seen before. In particular, you will be able to enjoy breath taking mountain scenery which blends in perfectly with the natural beauty of the island and the friendly people of the land. It also features a great cultural background and a rich history. The splendour of the surroundings, the fresh gardens and a vast collection of natural trees will overwhelm you.

Tantalising weather pattern

If you want to enjoy yoga activities under the cloud of a great weather pattern, this is the place to be. The next summer should definitely find you on this island. You will be amazed by the tantalising weather pattern that the island has to offer. Enjoy outdoor yoga and indoor yoga activities without any weather restraints. This is the place where you can find yoga villas in bali during the course of your next yoga retreat. This is not anything like you have seen before.

Exceedingly elegant accommodation facilities

Enjoy the nice villas and resorts that the island has to offer. This is the place which will offer you the best accommodation facilities that any island features. There are simple, but beautifully created villas that are exotic in nature and come with a number of advanced features. This is the island that is worth visiting if you want to find yoga villas and enjoy yoga sessions like never before. The splendour of the coastal villas and resorts is certainly breath-taking.

Refreshing sandy beaches

The island also features sandy beaches that are perfect for yoga activities. Immerse yourself in the beauty that the beaches have to offer and let your mind get refreshed in a manner that it unique and worth remembering.


Affordable & First Class Accommodation in Bali.

Bali is one of the best destinations in the world. If you are looking to explore new culture, religion and annual ceremony while wondering through ancient architectural designs, this is the place for you. Choosing yoga accommodation in Bali will give you a new experience. With numerous boutique hotels and exquisite villas, Yoga accommodation in Bali gives you the best services. At Bali, you are offered amazing plethora of classes, healing, spa services, and workshops. The services are available for individuals and groups. The atmosphere is cool and you are always guaranteed first class treatments.

yoga retraits

yoga retraits

Yoga accommodation in Bali for a healthier lifestyle.

When you choose accommodation in Bali, it means a lot. Whether you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, more energy or just a relaxation, find yoga accommodation in Bali. Here your body, mind and spirit get integrated to give you a stress free life. Proven and effective yoga techniques are administered to enhance your health living. Internal cleansing, fasting, meditation, enemas, yoga and colon hydrotherapy are some for the yoga accommodation services you will find here. All the services are available upon your request. There are professionals who are fully dedicated to ensure you receive best treatments.

Yoga retreats in Bali.

No other place is perfect as Bali for transformation and introspection. The tranquil environment and affordable accommodation for individuals and different sizes of groups gives you comfort and relaxations. Any person coming to Bali for retreat, always finds a reason to revisit the place. This island is magical and unique on its own. Having a yoga retreat in Bali, creates fond memories and bring relaxation to your mind. For those who are craving for yoga retreat, Bali must be your first destination then. Book your yoga retreat today and get a response immediately.

Accommodation in Bali.

Bali offers a variety of accommodation rooms to choose from. You can choose the standard room which has a private room with single beds, a spacious cloak room, shower & sink. This room is perfect for a couple. There is the deluxe room type. This offers a private room with two single beds. It is fully fledged with a private bathroom installed with a bathtub and a double sink. For those who are visiting as a group, there is a dorm style rooms available. This one has a four single bunk beds, large en-suite bathroom which is shared with other occupants of the dorm room.

High quality finishes of the rooms is a stand out feature. All the rooms are fitted with air conditioning units, fridge, free Wi-Fi, drinking water and hot & cold water tub. These rooms is a taste of modern lifestyle and class. Enjoy Bali’s perfect ecosystem, rich cultural heritage, and quit serene environment. Yoga accommodation in Bali is a lifetime experience, visit today.