How to Plan Your DIY Bali Yoga Retreat

For quite some time, I’ve dreamed regarding opting for a yoga retreat in Bali, but unfortunately my travel budget would not permit this. Rather than forfeiting my dream, I decided to compose my own yoga retreat on the magical island of Bali.

Bali is like the paradise for yoga practitioners. It appeals yogis worldwide and you will discover a great number of yoga studios, training centers and workshops. Add to this the spirituality of the island, the beautiful landscapes, the tropical climate and the always-smiling Balinese & you have the ideal place for a yoga retreat.

Below listed are a few tips on how you can compose an affordable yet incredible DIY yoga retreat in Bali.

Find your Bali yoga studio:

Bali is packed with many yoga studios, and you have to find one that suits your requirements the best. In a typical yoga studio you can find daily yoga classes range from Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga among others. One can mix it up with meditation, pranayam, ecstatic dance, kirtan and so much more. There’s something for everybody & for all levels.

Pick your accommodation:

If you wish to save cash & experience local culture, I suggest lodging in a Balinese homestay. Ensure to bargain if you’re going to stay for an extended period. You can get a simple yet clean room encompassing buffet for about $250 a month.

Nurture your body:

The foods in Bali are simply amazing! Ubud is the raw-food capital of Bali and here you’ll get healthy & appetizing vegan options almost everywhere. You can have access to cheap foods in small local eateries or relish organic green juices & fresh salads in one of the healthy cafes opened in the streets.

Relax & recharge yourself:

Give yourself a massage at one of the most popular Balinese massage centre or opt for a leisurely walk in the exquisite rice fields of Bali. Balinese massages are much admired & wide accessible – and much more affordable than at home. On my DIY Bali yoga retreats, I cuddled myself with a massage therapy every single day and my body felt better every time I come out.

Add some fun:

Bali provides so much more than just yoga. You can learn to surf, go diving, climb a volcano or take pottery lessons to name just a few activities to add to your yoga retreat. You’ll meet new people, have some fun and see more of Bali.

So, what are you waiting for? Join a luxury yoga retreats in Bali now!


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