Yoga at A Gym Or Specialist yoga studio? Know Which One Is Your Best Option

If you’ve decided to take a yoga class, then an ideal place to start learning about the poses & postures is certainly by working with a yoga instructor. But should you look for a yoga class at your gym or at a specialized yoga studio in Bali?

There are a few areas you’ll wish to consider when making your decision and these are:

Price: Yoga becomes more productive when practiced a minimum of 3 times a week, so you’ll have to keep this in your brain while considering the cost of classes. If you’re already a gym member then you must ask if they provide yoga classes & whether the fee is included in your membership.

However, if you aren’t a gym member then you must wish to take into account a yoga studio in Bali instead. Though the fee may be a bit expensive than your gym membership, but you should keep in mind that you can opt for drop-in classes without signing up to an agreement, which is typically the case with a health club or gym.

Convenience: When you wish to perform your yoga practice? In the morning, in the mid noon or in the evening? Take this into consideration when selecting a class as it could be more suitable to discover a location close to your workplace so you can attend classes on the way to work.

Yoga studios in Bali are likely to offer more choices in regards to number of classes & times, particularly the bigger studios. On the other hand, gyms have to provide numerous fitness classes so you can’t get the convenience of yoga practice as you would get in a studio.

The Teacher: Finding a good teacher is possibly the trickiest part. You are possibly more expected to discover a devoted instructor at a yoga studio; because most of the gyms tend to ask their trainers to cover yoga classes. Finding a reliable yoga instructor is like discovering a mentor & you must seek the help of somebody who you get a feeling for.

The atmosphere: Majority of gyms are loud places with earsplitting music & people strolling around. Though this is a good ambiance of most physical workouts, but not really for suitable the calming and meditative nature of yoga.

On the other hand, yoga studios are built for the exclusive purpose of yoga and the ambiance is much more relaxing & welcoming.

The community:

If you wish to meet other individuals who relish yoga then a yoga studio may be your best bet. In fact, yoga studios are places where these sorts of activities are encouraged. Some studios even have lounge areas with couches to motivate practitioners to stay for a while after yoga classes to get to know each other.

So, now you see yoga studios are better in several ways than a gym membership. Join Jeda Yoga Retreats if you’re looking for private yoga studio for your yoga teacher training in Bali. For any help contact us now!


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